About us

Who are we?

The Delhiteam is a group of people dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus here in Delhi and throughout North India.

Our People: A Muslim father and son in the market
Why India?

When you think of India what do you think of? Hindus, right? Sure, modern day Hinduism was established here. And Buddha was born here in India, as well. India has quite the religious heritage.

But did you also know there are also about 170 million Muslims living in India? And India boasts of the world’s 2nd largest population of Muslims. There’s no better place, than this, to see Muslims learn to worship their Heavenly Father.

India is a unique and exciting place to serve God in Muslim ministry as it is both openly accessible and most ministry strategies can move forward without much restriction. Can’t find that in many nations.

And yet not only are ministry opportunities abundant, but Delhi Muslims are very friendly and hospitable. And the chai is great too!

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