Team FAQs

Thanks for your interest in coming to Delhi. Part of our vision is to see short-term teams from mission organizations and churches, as well as individuals, come and assist us in relationship-building and sharing with those who’ve never heard the Good News.

We have attempted to answer some frequently asked questions for your benefit.

Note: In the interest of security, we need to be vague on some points. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

1) How could our team best serve you and your vision? How do you see a short-term team contributing to the long-term work you’re doing?

We would love to have teams come who are willing to take on the same values and similar lifestyles as long-term workers. First of all, we want to reap the fruit of short-term team ministry. Short-term teams can sometimes have a greater dynamic than long-term teams. Thus, our desire is for teams to be bold and to share Jesus wisely yet aggressively. This is the primary goal of all team hosting we are a part of. Therefore, teams must be passionate about meeting people, ministering to people’s felt needs, sharing Jesus, and be ready to give of themselves to live and work, essentially, as short-term Church Planters.

2) What would you foresee a team doing practically (E.g. Medical, CP, university campus, village work, English teaching, sand boarding, etc)?

When teams come, we want them to live out ‘Luke 10’-style ministry.

That means we want teams to come and focus on a specific group. The team would then seek God and pray for a men/women/students of peace, and then individuals would spend a large part of their time in building a friendship with and sharing the gospel mainly with that family/person… or perhaps several ‘people of peace’.

We’d like to see teams come, blend with the culture and schedule, venture out into streets, restaurants, internet cafes, schools and other places, develop friendships, share their lives, and then share the gospel with their new friends, as well as pray for and minister to people as opportunities arise. Much of this would be done in the area and neighborhood’s immediately surrounding a university campus.

From this day-to-day ministry there will result a group of seekers (or even new believers) that the team members can individually meet with to further develop relationships, as well as continue to share the gospel with. Before the short-term team leaves the city, it would be ideal to arrange meetings where seekers and/or new believes are introduced to long-term’ers. By doing this we are able to develop strong local relationships with these seekers even as the short-term team leaves.

3) Are there any key sights in the city to go and pray?

Jama Masjid (India’s largest mosque), Qutub Minar, the Parliament building, the residential homes of the Prime Minister, President, and Delhi’s Mayor, as well as various other shrines, tombs, and sacred places. We want to bless, and pray for, our leaders!

4) Are there any other fees or expenses we might incur?

Yes, there is a one-time administration/set-up fee for all short-term teams of $100 (USD). This admin fee covers communication, transportation, and other expenses incurred during the pre-arrival preparation for the team. In the event this fee cannot be met we are more than happy to have the team gift whatever they may be able to afford.

Note: This fee does not cover expenses for one of our team members to accompany you to meals or while traveling/sightseeing.

Remember, the cultural norm and expectation, here in India, is that you should always pay for others when inviting them to a meal or other event.

5) What could we do for food? Are you willing to help us with this?

Food can sometimes be provided when staying at a hotel. When teams are staying in an apartment you will need to organize your own meals.

We advise teams to take only one or two meals per day together, so as to allow individuals to eat in the community. This allows for more freedom of ministry and friendship development. In other words, we believe it encourages good ministry opportunities when a team chooses to let it’s members eat out and/or visit and eat with students or local families.

6) How much do you think we should budget for per day? (Factoring in food, lodging, transportation within the city and any other costs, etc.)

Anywhere between $15 – $20 per day for comfortable arrangements. Teams that work with us live and minister in the same area, so daily transportation is kept to a minimum – unless the team takes city tours, travels to sites for prayer, etc. If this is a common activity then it would be wise to budget $3 – $5 per person per day for transportation via auto-rickshaw. Taxi’s are double the price of an auto.

The main variable is food. Will you cook or go out to eat? Cook yourself or hire a helper to cook (and practice language with)? Eat Indian or mixed cuisines? Chow on McDonald’s daily or just once a week? It’s all up to you and how you budget your money.

If you feel you cannot afford to come to Delhi, due to the budget recommendations, please email us and we can discuss different options to help your team minister in this area.

7) Do you have any suggestions as to a daily schedule?

Here’s a suggestion that works well considering the late hours kept by most Delhi residents:

8 am – Breakfast
9 am – Team meeting: worship; intercession; discussion; feedback, etc…
1 pm – Lunch
2 pm – Either 1) Personal/free time; or 2) During the first week: language/culture study; special bonding activities, etc…
4 pm – Chai (tea) break
5 pm – Ministry time – meeting people; prayer walks; friendship-style evangelism; ministry with new friends, etc…
8 pm onwards – Dinner and Ministry/Community time (continued from afternoon) – generally unscheduled personal community time wherein we encourage teams to spend as much time as possible in ministry within the local community (that includes meals and free time).

* in the winter season sunset is around 5 pm

8) Where could we go on a day off?

In the city: Fun N Food water park; Zoo; see a Hindi movie; out to eat; city sightseeing
Outside the city: Taj Mahal; hill stations; countryside resorts

9) What would be the ideal team size for you to accommodate?

Between 3 – 10 people. Ideally, it is best to have both men and women on the team. Keep in mind that most teams like to send out their team members in groups of two. Single men and women cannot hang out together (in groups of two) in this culture. Therefore a team with either only 1 (one) man or only 1 (one) woman would be awkward and would not provide for the easiest relationship building/ministry opportunities.

10) How much involvement do you foresee yourself having with the team? (e.g. do you expect us to be self-contained or will you have a high amount of involvement with us, etc.)

We would expect your team to be highly self-motivated, which requires a team leader who is capable of helping guide individuals expectations, spiritual needs, ministry ideas, etc…

We will be most involved at the beginning via welcoming, providing lodging, orientations, and meeting with the team leader. Thereafter we would most likely meet twice a week with the team. For example, it would be ideal for us to meet on Mondays and Fridays with the entire team to get to know the team members, answer any questions, receive feedback, debriefing, just have fun, etc…

11) Are translators available?

Rarely. Due to the largely English-speaking population, translators are generally not needed at this location. We do, however, encourage you and your team to learn a little of the local language while you are here in order to bond with, and learn from, your new friends here in the area.

Language study is an activity we can easily arrange for your team.

12) What people group are you working with?

A sub-group of Urban Indian Muslims (vagueness is intended).

13) What languages are spoken by the people and what are the major religions there?

English, Urdu, Hindi. We only work among Muslims, however the community where your team would likely stay is located in a mixed Hindu, Muslim, Christian neighborhood.

14) What is the best way to get to your neighborhood? Airports, trains, etc.?

To get here: Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) is a $10+ (USD) taxi ride away. This takes approximately 1 hour – depending on traffic – to get to your guesthouse and area of ministry. Upon confirmation of your travel plans we will email you with specific directions.

Airport pickups or dropoffs cost Rs.1250 ($30 USD) plus taxi fares.

15) What expectations do you have of our short-term team?

We believe the purpose of visiting outreach teams should be to: 1) expose short-term teams to God’s heart for India, 2) raise up and recruit long-term workers for the mission field (especially in India) and, 3) see a harvest and church planting movement among the targeted people – namely Urban Muslims.

If your heart is the same on all of these 3 points, then we’d love to have you come and work with us – at any time! We are available to host teams year-round.

Contact us via the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

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