Visiting Teams

It’s always a virtue to be clean

Is God is placing India on your heart? Then stop fooling around and get over here!

First, we’d like you to read our Frequently Asked Questions page and see if our vision flows together. Then, if you sense God speaking to you about working here for a few weeks or months, email us and we can talk about the possibilities for you and your team.

After all, we’ve got a billion people of nearly every religion co-existing to make India the richest environment of “seekers” anywhere in the world!

So consider what God is saying to you and your team. If you think He’s leading you here, then this is what we offer you: a chance to live the Gospel to the fullest – right here in Delhi among the unreached, open-hearted Muslims of Delhi.

One more thing… You don’t have to be a ‘team’ to come. Every year we have many individuals who come and serve for anywhere between 2 years and 2 weeks! Why not you?